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Persona Matching (check all that apply)


The “Silver Dabbler”

I tried cannabis when I was younger, and now I use it a couple of times a month or less to relax.


The “Traditional Lifestyler”

I am daily cannabis user, even though it’s an expense for me. Legalization hasn’t affected how I procure cannabis.


The “Medical Purist”

I use cannabis only when I have pain or other symptom flare-ups.


The “Weekend Enthusiast”

I use cannabis fairly often and have go-to strains, but like to try new ones.


The “Modern Lifestyler”

I use cannabis very often, and love trying all the newest tech and strains.


The “Infrequent Conservative”

I use cannabis a few times a year, and only with friends.


The “Discreet Unwinder”

I use cannabis while I’m watching TV and doing chores, while my kids are out.


The “Cannabis Connoisseur”

I spend more than $150 a month on cannabis and consider myself knowledgeable about cannabis.


The “Staunch Abstainer”

I never use cannabis because I’ve had one or more bad experiences with it; I’ve heard it was unhealthy for me; or I don’t want to get in trouble.