What if I want to grow cannabis at home?

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If you are looking to grow your own medical cannabis legally at home, apply with a designated grower to produce your medication or register with a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer for your legal cannabis supply you will need these official forms.
ACMPR Registration Application Forms
Here are 5 KEY THINGS we think you should know about the ACMPR license:

I. The ACMPR replaced the old MMPR (Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations) on August 24th 2016. Health Canada aimed to update the rules in relation to the legalisation of marijuana and streamline the process.

II. The main difference between the ACMPR and MMPR is the terms of production. Under an ACMPR license in Canada, licensed producers are allowed to grow and sell marijuana seeds, oils and plants to individuals that need it, as long as they are registered with Health Canada. Under the old MMPR, individuals could only purchase seeds from established producers.

III. There are two main components that will cover you if you get an ACMPR license:
An explanation of how to grow marijuana for your personal use or instructing someone to grow cannabis for your health
An explanation of how you apply for a license to produce and distribute cannabis products to the general public.

IV. Despite the assertion that it is easier to apply for medical marijuana, the process is still quite extensive and requires a lot of effort. The process involves you submitting the ACMPR application form and documents that demonstrate your operating procedures, quality assurance and even your security protocols.

V. The wait time to get approved for your ACMPR application could take a while. The process is extensive because Health Canada wants to make sure you can deliver on the products. You are dealing with serious matters and medical conditions. It has to be 100% certified that you can be licenced and responsible producer.

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