What are “Licensed Producers”?

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What’s the difference between the big federally licensed legal producers (LPs) and regular, Canadian medical marijuana dispensaries? Firstly, LPs have gone through an extremely rigorous Health Canada licensing process, which can take up to several years. The Health Canada Licensed Producer system, perhaps the strictest regulation system for cannabis producers in the world, helps ensure a safe, high-quality product. Health Canada has reported that no products grown by Licensed Producers has been sold on the illegal black market. This type of regulated system also helps restrict access & reduce consumption by minors.

Secondly, the LPs have a whole host of requirements they need to meet before being granted a Cultivation and Sales license, including criteria for security, sanitation, product purity, and more. Their products tend to be higher priced, they don’t offer many sales or discounts, and they don’t sell extracts, edibles, or beverages. Additionally, most LPs only sell their own products.

Thirdly, the biggest roadblock with LPs is that you do need a medical prescription for cannabis from a doctor, and all of the LPs are very particular and strict about this requirement. If you’re not interested in going through the medical system with a doctor, this process isn’t for you.

However, if the long wait times, the bureaucratic red tape and finally, when you’ve managed to find a medical doctor that will prescribe medical cannabis — or if you already have a medical prescription — LPs might work. But be warned, not all LPs are created equally!

If you’re going to go the LP route, we recommend the following LPs for medical cannabis.

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