Dr. CannaMedBot: Revolutionary AI for Medical Cannabis Patients

(Coming Soon!)

Dr. CannaMedBot provides real-time support to patients in the areas of medical marijuana, strain selection, CBD oil, hemp products, and more!
Dr. CannaMedBot will be available to answer your questions related to medical cannabis benefits and dosing 24/7!

Learn How "Dr. CannaMedBot" Can Help Medical Patients

Dr. CannaMedBot can answer your questions about your medical condition, the best medical marijuana strains (like Blue Dream and OG Kush), how to dose cannabis or CBD oil for maximum benefits, and best consumption methods. You’ll never have to wait on the phone again — Dr. CannaMedBot answers patient questions immediately.

A Few Problems:

  • Patients new to medical cannabis and CBD oil lack information about dosing marijuana
  • Only 5% of doctors are willing to answer patient questions about medical marijuana, primarily because they lack training about the medical benefits of cannabis
  • Most people don’t realize they qualify for medical cannabis
  •  Medical patients spend exorbitant fees on medical cannabis, but could easily grow premium strains like Blue Dream and OG Kush at home

Why Dr. CannaMedBot is the Solution!:

  • Dr. CannaMedBot leads patients through surveys, to determine their cannabis needs and dosing requirements
  • Dr. CannaMedBot speaks directly to patients in real-time, answering their questions quickly and knowledgeably
  • By subscribing to our online wellness community, members gain access to Dr. CannaMedBot vast knowledge of chronic ailments and how medical cannabis can be used effectively
  • For those interested in growing strains like Blue Dream and OG Kush at home, Dr. CannaMedBot leads patients through the ACMPR application and provides home grow tips
  • Dr. CannaMedBot is programmed according to rules, laid out, by Dr. Ken Adams — one of the most knowledgeable physicians in the medical cannabis, CBD oil, and hemp industry

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