Vaping for Optimal Symptom Relief

Patients and recreational users alike understand the appeal of the joint — nothing is better at delivering quick cannabis relief to the mind and body. This is thanks to the lungs. Think of your lungs like a bustling port where cargo is unloaded from ships onto trains. The cargo is the air we breathe, including the vital oxygen needed to sustain the body. Our lungs are also the terminals for thousands of tiny blood vessels, which — like express trains — deliver the cargo of oxygen straight to the brain. When you smoke a joint, those tiny cannabinoid molecules like THC and CBD catch a ride with the oxygen, and the journey is swift. Within seven or eight seconds of inhaling the smoke from a joint, the cannabinoids are already attaching themselves to those CB1 receptors on your brain cells and going to work. You begin to feel high, and over the next few minutes, the cannabinoids will fan out from the brain through your blood vessels and travel around your entire body, bonding to CB receptors everywhere they go.…

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