Indica, Sativa, and Everything In-Between

The botany of cannabis is as simple as elementary-school arithmetic and as elegant as the most complex equation of calculus. Cannabis comes in two main types.  The first is known to botanists as cannabis indica, or “indica” for short. This species of the cannabis plant is native to Central Asia, specifically the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia and the Hindu Kush in the northern Indian subcontinent. Indicas love to grow in drier, temperate climates, where the soil may be rocky and less likely to retain water and nutrients (think modern British Columbia, Northern California, Australia). Indicas are hardy plants, resilient and squat, but not particularly beautiful. They grow closer to the ground, rarely attaining a height above six feet in a natural environment, with a dull green complexion and short, stubby leaves.  "Cannabis Indica" The second is called cannabis sativa, or simply “sativa,” and is thought to be native to Southeast Asia — what is now Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Sativas are tropical plants, well attuned to moist, humid climates with rich soils and seasonal deluges of rain (think modern…

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