How Do “Cannabinoids” Work with the Human Body?

The history of cannabis is a study in human curiosity. From its earliest cultivation on hillsides in ancient China and India to modern grow-ops in sterile laboratory conditions, we’ve yearned to understand just how this remarkable plant treats pain and disease, makes us feel calmer and more creative, and, at times, intoxicates us to extremes of giddiness, laughter, and relaxation. “Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the human body.” A common theme of many thousands of years of inquisitiveness and experimentation is that cannabis and human bodies have some sort of special connection — like two beings that have evolved specifically to help each other survive and thrive in a cold world. Indeed, our pursuit of cannabis truth has even inspired some great art and poetry along the way. In ancient societies, our inability to satisfy our curiosity with pure reason led us to worship cannabis almost like a god. We created rituals around it, and when a new disease or infirmity came into our world, cannabis was the first thing we tried. But in the age of the electron microscope…

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