Cannabis and the “Coevolution Hypothesis”

Coevolution helps explain why cannabinoids are necessary, and why the cannabis plant evolved to produce them in the first place. After all, we know that cannabinoids like THC and CBD are of no direct benefit to the plant itself, because only animals possess cannabinoid receptors. So the likely answer is, cannabinoids evolved specifically to help animals and humans. “The human-cannabis relationship goes back to ancient times.” There’s a theory called the coevolution hypothesis, which asserts that humans and cannabis have evolved to help each other survive. Cannabis produces cannabinoids, which help humans fight disease, relax after a long day of toil, and get a good night’s rest. Humans for thousands of years have selectively cultivated cannabis for its beneficial properties and helped it spread to almost every corner of the globe. And, as we know, genetic propagation is the singular goal of plant life. Our cultivation caused this incredible plant to split into two types with two different purposes: one called hemp, which has almost no THC (less than 1 percent) and which is useful only as a fibre; and…

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