Cancer, Cannabis Oil, and Suppositories

While modern medicine has developed dozens of cannabis-treatment methods for diseases and ailments, cancer has sadly remained the most common and most frightening in our world. Along with glaucoma, cancer was the first disease for which governments reluctantly began to allow cannabis as therapy. Originally it was meant to treat nausea associated with chemotherapy, but over the last few decades, cancer patients (and observant and open-minded oncologists) have begun to document that cannabis not only treats symptoms and side effects, but also fights the cancer invasion itself. Cannabis has a role to play in the search for a cure. But the body needs a lot of it, and that might not be possible with smoking or vaping (you’ll cough yourself silly) or eating (you’ll get full and pass out) or tinctures (unhealthy in large doses). For high, medicinal doses, we recommend the cannabis suppository. Cannabis Oil Suppositories A suppository is a small, round or cone-shaped pill-like object filled with medicine. It is inserted into a patient’s rectum and left there where it rapidly dissolves and efficiently enters the bloodstream. When…

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