Partner Relations

CannaMedTec is a Canadian company focused on the emerging legal cannabis industry. Our business model focuses on building a portfolio of novel and targeted services, products, and educational resources for the medicinal consumption and cultivation of cannabis. We establish strategic alliances with Licensed Producers, legal cannabis retail chains, and pharmaceutical companies to leverage their strengths, accelerate research & development of new products, and generate cash through milestones, royalties, and ultimately direct sales.

“I often emphasize that cannabis is “just a weed,” to point out how universal it is; how easily and cheaply it can be grown; how absurd it is to think that any single person, government, corporation, or ideology could control it. But in truth, cannabis is more than just a weed. It’s a marvel of medical science, an object of poetic desire, the jewel in the crown of evolution. Its origin may be humble, but its history is awesome.” - Dr. Ken Adams, Chief Wellness Officer.