Our vision is to become the most trusted cannabis resource site in the world. From unique product offerings to expert advice and everything in between, we are driven by a passion to empower people, organizations, and communities to heal their bodies and minds, to improve their lifestyles, and to live longer, healthier lives.

What Can CannaMedTec Do For You?

Doctor owned and operated, CannaMedTec is a Canadian research & development company powered by a team of seasoned professionals. We focus on bringing new technology solutions — from vape innovation to home growing tents and beyond — to consumers, retailers, and distributors alike!

Trusted Care

Dr. Ken Adam’s unique background in endocrinology, biochemistry, and mechanics is allowing us to break new ground in developing the definitive dosing regimen, by strain, and vape products to administer optimal doses. To support our tech innovation, we offer users general wellness advice to guide them on their cannabis journeys.

Personalized Advice

As Dr. Adams says, “Cannabis is a marvel of medical science, an object of poetic desire, the jewel in the crown of human evolution. But no two consumers are exactly alike.” At CannaMedTec, we are marrying the ancient healing power of cannabis with modern medical precision, by customizing different plans for different types of consumers.

Research & Partnership

At CannaMedTec, our eclectic team boasts combined skills in medicine, engineering, software development, accounting & finance, publishing, market research, data analysis, policy navigation, as well as retail sales & distribution. We have worked in the fields of software, consulting, government, medical science, and education with ties to a variety of Fortune 500 companies and world-renowned research institutions. A partnership with us means gaining access to a network of industry contacts, including: