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Dr. Ken Adams, M.D., D.D.S.

Medical Authority

Meet Dr. Ken Adams, M.D., D.D.S., Chief Wellness Officer and one of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in Canada, in the field of medicinal cannabis! Holding more than twelve FDA and Health Canada approved patents, Dr. Adams is a pioneer in public health, provision of primary care, nutritional medicine, and cannabinology.

Dr. Adam’s unique background in endocrinology, biochemistry, and mechanics is allowing us to break new ground in developing the definitive dosing regimen, by strain, and vape products to administer optimal doses. To support our tech innovation, Dr. Adams and his innovative team offer general wellness advice to guide patients on their cannabis journeys.

Professional Achievements

Achievements of Dr. Ken Adams

Professional Achievements

Achievements of Dr. Ken Adams

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"Dr. Adams provided me with information on how to dose CBD for heart health and neuroprotective benefits. It's nice to know what I'm supposed to do with my oil, when I get it in the mail. Thank you CannaMedTec!"
Sean P.
"I've been testing the CannaMedtec HERA Vaporizer, for dry leaf, for over 8 months. I'm incredibly impressed with the durability of the device! I use cannabis, mostly for headaches and inflammatory joint pain. The HERA lets me control my dose, depending on how much pain I'm in. Love it!"
Susan R.
"Great articles! As a cancer patient, it's expensive buying from Licensed Producers. CannaMedTec helped me navigate the ACMPR application process and gave me some great tips for growing my own indoor cannabis garden."
Janice W.

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The history of cannabis is a study in human curiosity. From its earliest cultivation on hillsides in ancient China and India to modern grow-ops in sterile laboratory conditions, we’ve yearned to understand just how this remarkable plant treats pain and disease, makes us feel calmer and more creative, and, at times, intoxicates us to extremes of giddiness, laughter, and relaxation.

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The HERA is an elegant and compact convection vaporizer, specifically designed to activate the healing properties of dry leaf herbs.

✔ Quartz chamber prevents toxicity found in traditional vaporizers
✔ Customizable temperature control (385 F – 430 F)
✔ Vibration indication for when optimal temperature is reached
✔ Built-in lithium battery with rapid recharge

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Questions about Health Canada’s “Home Grow” Program for Medical Patients?

What You Need To Know!

      The average person shouldn’t need a legal degree to figure out what kind of care is possible for them. CannaMedTec is here to help offer you answers and advice regarding your medical cannabis questions, as well as to help guide you through the application process. For more information on “home growing,” check out the following pages:

Dr. CannaMedBot: Revolutionary AI for Medical Cannabis Patients

(Coming Soon!)

Dr. CannaMedBot provides real-time support to patients in the areas of medical marijuana, strain selection, CBD oil, hemp products, and more!
Dr. CannaMedBot will be available to answer your questions related to medical cannabis benefits and dosing 24/7!

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